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Rental Real Estate Investment Mortgage Loans

Whether you are a first time real estate investor looking to finance a rental investment property purchase or you have an existing rental portfolio that needs to be refinanced, you need access to the most competitive rental real estate investment loans available on the market today. That's why we've created the real estate investor Jetpack that gives you access to the direct contact info of over 50+ specialized investment lenders plus some nice bonus goodies as well. Lenders in the Jetpack specialize in these loan programs:

Some rental property investment loan program highlights in the package include:

  • Up to 90% or more loan to value financing on the rental properties 1-4 units
  • Fixed or customized variable rate investment mortgage loans for all investment property types
  • Flexible or no prepayment penalty options
  • Most transaction are closed less than 30 days of origination
  • Lending options in all of the 50 states

Investor Jetpack

Real Estate Renovation, Rehab, Fix Flip Loans

In order to purchase a real estate investment property that will provide you with an immediate added value you will most likely need to perform improvements on the subject property. The renovation fix and flip investment mortgage loan program has been specifically designed for such an acquisition. Get acess to these nitche lenders and more in our investor Jetpack. Learn more:

Fix and flip; fix and hold, and renovation real estate investment property loan program highlights include:

  • Financing is based on the purchase price of the subject property
  • Closings within two to four weeks
  • No prepayment penalties options
  • Competitive rate and terms
  • A working real estate investment line of credit may be available after several successful investments
  • Time frame is provided in order to finish all the required work
  • Flexible lending options and rate negotiation options
  • Lending options in all 50 states


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